In response to the increasingly evident interest that digital and technological issues represent for the growth and competitiveness of organizations, at CINTEL we created the DIGITAL LEADERS initiative, a community for the C-Levels in charge of leading the digital transformation in the most important organizations in the country, understanding that, in addition to those in charge of the technology or IT areas or departments, there are other high-level professionals who are also an active part of this change within the companies.

Thus, DIGITAL LEADERS is conceived as a meeting point for senior executives of the main companies in the real and financial sector, as well as industrial and commercial companies of the State, in order to share experiences, learnings and keep up to date on best practices and strategic and business visions of IT. It is also a space where various challenges faced by technology and organizations are raised, discussed and addressed.

Among its benefits, members of the community have annual access to activities of interest to this select group of decision makers, such as admission to high-level events, including active participation in the International ICT Congress – ANDICOM and preferential access to studies, conferences, industry and networking activities both nationally and internationally, among others, which contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of senior executives members of the community.

Why be part of this CINTEL community?

CINTEL is an innovation and productivity center, recognized as a relevant actor within the digital transformation ecosystem in Colombia. We are an entity that promotes the development of organizations and the community through the use and appropriation of technology by generating spaces for interaction, innovation and knowledge generation.

Our methodology is fully customized

Depending on the need identified from the challenges faced by the leaders of the organizations, the type of activity, the objective to be achieved within it and the methodology required are defined.

Some of the members of Digital Leaders

The community currently has the participation of senior executives from companies in the hydrocarbon, financial, industrial, retail, agricultural, insurance and construction sectors, among others.

Some of our recognitions or alliances

Digital Leaders is also part of the international alliance C-LEVEL AMERICAS, a community of senior executives of companies in Chile, Peru and Mexico, in alliance with CETIUC, Common Peru and CIOS Mexicanos respectively.

Are you a Digital Leader?

Apply and get all the benefits of belonging to this select community!