Robotic Process Automation is a technology that, through the use of software applications commonly known as “robots”, simulates human actions based on rules to interact with the user interface of information systems and/or IT solutions in the same way a person would; thus allowing the automation of routine, manual and repetitive business activities, tasks and operations.

At the Center we provide an integral solution that allows organizations to automate manual and routine business processes, as well as repetitive tasks through the use of software “robots”; our solution includes from the discovery of automation opportunities, their implementation and start-up, to the stabilization and measurement of the value capture of the automated process or task.

Specific services or activities included in this service

  • Discovery of processes with automation potential
  • RPA solution architecture design
  • Development, implementation and stabilization of operational robots
  • Enterprise systems integration
  • Training of the functional teams and personnel in general
  • Monitoring and support of operational robots
  • Upgrades and continuous improvement on automations
  • Profit management and value capture
  • Organizational change management and adoption of automations
  • Post-implementation maintenance and technical support
  • Conceptualization and operation of automation CoEs
  • Planning and support of BPM solutions in the market.
  • Process management with business intelligence layer
  • Robotic automation in productivity processes for companies, payroll, accounting, open government, selection and classification (secret ballot), data storage, energy efficiency, among others.

Why choose CINTEL?

At CINTEL we lead our own Digital Innovation HUB – “CINTEL DigIHub” that incorporates within the technological ecosystem of services and solutions of Robotic Automation of Processes to propitiate scenarios that allow accelerating business innovation and support the digital transformation of organizations and state entities.

Benefits of our RPA solutions

With our robotic business process automation solutions, companies will obtain, among others, the following benefits:

  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Reduction of human error
  • Decrease in manual, routine and repetitive tasks
  • Improved decision making
  • Scalability
  • Fast ROI
  • Improved security
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Significant savings in time and resources allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks

Some of the areas that benefit from the implementation of our solutions are finance, human resources, customer service, and IT operations, among others.

CINTEL counts on national and international technological partners, trained and experienced in the identification of processes with automation potential, in the implementation, stabilization, monitoring and support of RPA services and solutions; thus enabling a digital environment that concentrates the human, physical and technical conditions for the adoption of this type of technological solutions.

This is how we develop our methodology

  1. Identification of processes or process sections with potential for automation
  2. Understanding of the process or section to be automated
  3. Validation of the technical and functional feasibility of the section or process to be automated.
  4. Prioritization of processes or sections to automate (Backlog Generation)
  5. Functional and technical design of the process or section to be automated.
  6. Design and definition of the solution architecture
  7. Development and configuration of the defined functionalities
  8. Execution of functional and non-functional tests of bots
  9. Deployment and stabilization of the solution in production
  10. Monitoring of the functionality of the robots in production
  11. Analysis and measurement of benefits generated by automations

Our clients