The Digital Innovation Hub (DigIHub) led by CINTEL is a technological ecosystem with the purpose of creating the best conditions to support innovation and digital transformation of organizations.

CINTEL DigIHub has the following value offer to support organizations in their digital business transformation processes:

  • Strategic orientation to stimulate the digital acceleration of organizations.
  • Access to collaboration spaces between different actors of the CINTEL DigIHub ecosystem.
  • Individualized support in the innovation process for the definition of the digital challenge.
  • Adoption of enabling technologies to achieve your digital strategy.
  • Specialized training and coaching in enabling technologies for digital transformation.
  • Mentoring in the business development process.
  • Encouraging the use, implementation and appropriation of digital transformation business models.

Why implement DigIHub with CINTEL?

With CINTEL DigIHub organizations can experiment, implement and appropriate in controlled technological environments different advanced solutions in artificial intelligence, Blockchain, smart cities, process automation and security; facilitating the incorporation of these technologies in their DNA and stimulating the acceleration of digital transformation.

How we developed CINTEL DigIHub

CINTEL DigIHub has a “Digital Business Transformation” program that contemplates the following moments:

Business Transformation Program


  • Disclosure
  • Connection
  • Inspiration

Strategic Orientation:

  • Technological orientation
  • Digital strategic vision
  • Collaboration


Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Phase I – Start: we promote interaction with the company, carrying out induction activities to the innovation process, generating skills that stimulate creativity and leadership. We start the collection of insights for the consolidation of the challenge.
  • Phase II – Understanding: Based on the understanding of the opportunities, needs and/or expectations of your organization, the process of knowing the possible solution and identifying various alternatives to start the process of generating innovative ideas that will solve the challenge is guided.
  • Phase III – Creation: We start from the meaning of “creation” within the innovation process, and begin the ideation of possible solutions to the challenge posed in the understanding. The individualized accompaniment in techniques, tools and instruments that allow the generation of consistent and structured ideas. At the end of this phase, we evaluate and select the ideas that can best solve the challenge posed to the organization.

Technological Validation:

  • Technological feasibility
  • Definition of technology(ies)
  • Experience with technology platforms

Technical Test Support for Scale-Up

  • Product demonstration
  • Proof of concept
  • Validation of challenges and concepts
  • Prototyping

Business Mentoring

  • Business structuring assistance
  • Business collaboration
  • Business articulation for financing

Organizational Ownership

  • Appropriation
  • Gestión del cambio
  • Knowledge management


We accompany your organization in the sustainable incorporation of the technological solutions established during the CINTEL DigIHub inclusion program.

Some of our awards

The Center is a member of Fiware in the Smart Cities vertical.