Process Automation with Gen AI is a solution that helps to enhance the efficiency of business processes, allowing organizations to automate, through the use of Gen AI, the cycle of analysis and detailed design of their processes, structure them in a clear way, accompany their documentation in a precise manner, and subsequently generate the development code required for the agile automation of the operation.

To do this, we use a set of Gen IA algorithms that are responsible, from the context provided, to analyze business processes and generate relevant documentation of the process to be automated; this documentation can be used by functional and technical experts of the organizations, as input for the agile automation of activities, tasks and routine, manual and repetitive business operations.

Our solution is designed so that the relevant process information, built by Gen AI, can be customized according to the Client’s needs and preferences.

The main benefits of our solution in Process Automation with Gen AI are framed within the following features:

  • Transformation of the business approach and promotion of innovation
  • Reduction in operating costs, design time and the performance of routine, manual and repetitive tasks
  • Acceleration in business process design
  • Continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of the organization’s processes.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased competitiveness as a result of agile process automation
  • Agile adaptation to market changes
  • Improves operational efficiency by revolutionizing the way you operate

Why work with CINTEL?

With our Gen AI Process Automation solution, organizations will be able to:

  • Implement Gen AI to enhance the efficiency of business processes, and generate analysis and design documentation of these, in an agile and efficient way.
  • Automatically generate the source code of the candidate processes to be automated based on the user stories previously generated by Gen AI and validated by the technical and functional expert of the process.
  • Use generative algorithms for the generation of software artifacts required in the automation process, reducing the number of hours spent documenting business processes.
  • Maximize the process analysis capability, allowing a higher operational load in the process design phase.

How our Process Automation solution with Gen AI works

Currently, at the Center we provide organizations with a solution to streamline the automation of business processes, by incorporating disruptive technologies such as Gen AI focused on the generation of relevant information of the process to be automated, creation of the source code and its subsequent automation with RPA.

The process starts with the description of the context of the tasks and business operations to be accelerated, where the relevant information of the activities that integrate it is determined and a logical step-by-step description of the existing need is described. The advanced language model (LLM) analyzes the context provided according to the parameters and business needs defined with the Client, allowing the use of Secure Models.

Subsequently, and based on the guidelines of each organization, prompts (safeguards) are built through which the Gen AI model builds a document structure integrated by the different artifacts to be generated (e.g. risks, Canvas models, solution detail, user stories, release plan, etc.).

The solution allows to obtain and customize the output generated by Gen AI, to download it and start the process of creating the source code of the automation, based on the user stories previously generated and selected by the technical and functional experts. Once the source code has been created by Gen AI, the solution allows its download for subsequent deployment in the RPA tool used for the automation.

Are you ready to empower and accelerate the automation of your processes with Gen AI?

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