ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) appropriation refers to the process by which individuals, communities, companies and entities acquire the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to effectively use ICTs in their daily lives or in their work and social activities. It involves not only having access to technology, but also understanding how to use it in a meaningful and productive way.

ICT appropriation includes aspects such as training, which involves knowing how to use computers, mobile devices and software, as well as everything related to cutting-edge technological topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, among others, and their impact on business productivity. It also relates to understanding the opportunities offered by ICT, such as communication, online education, access to information and services, and participation in the digital society.

At CINTEL, we seek to empower individuals and businesses to effectively use ICTs and leverage their benefits in various aspects of life.

Depending on the level of digital maturity of the target population or the company and its culture, there are different approaches to reach the expected appropriation result, from classical training to more intensive approaches using co-creation methodologies, change management and psychology.

In the Center we offer ICT Appropriation services through two modalities from the point of view of its target audience, specific activities for business clients or customized ICT appropriation and given its sectorial approach, training open to the general public, which are detailed below:

Custom ICT adoption

We have at the disposal of organizations, customized ICT appropriation services, designed and executed according to the requirements of the organizations. These services aim to develop human talent and enhance organizational transformation processes, contributing to the improvement of productivity and business competitiveness.

Tailored activities and programs

  • Courses
  • Business seminars
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Bootcamps
  • Open innovation exercises (datajams, hackathons, etc…)
  • Change management and business support programs

Delivery modes:

  • On-site
  • Virtual
  • Combined

Open academic activities

At the Center we offer open academic activities that respond to the needs of companies and the most current topics of impact during each year. These activities aim to transfer and disseminate knowledge to increase competitiveness and support the modernization of ICT services.

Among these academic activities are:

  • CINTEL Digital Academy: Open courses and seminars published in annual agenda according to calendar.
  • ANDICOM: International Congress on Information and Communication Technologies, recognized as the most important business and technological event in the region.
  • CONECTA: Event aimed at the telecommunications market and its constant evolution. It is a space to consolidate digital strategies and accelerate socio-economic development in communications in Colombia and the region.
  • MOOC: Massive Online Open Course of Digital Business Transformation: a course that seeks to train professionals to meet the challenges of the digital environment.

Custom ICT adoption and Digital Transformation

Our customized ICT appropriation services stand out for being designed and executed according to the requirements of the organizations. These services aim to develop human talent and enhance organizational transformation processes, contributing to the improvement of productivity and business competitiveness.

Activities and programs:

  • Courses
  • Business seminars
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Meetings
  • Business management and support programs

Delivery modes:

  • On-site
  • Virtual
  • Combined

Why consider us as a leader in ICT adoption services?

At CINTEL we have positively impacted a significant audience, including more than 140,000 participants in training activities and more than 2,600 national and international speakers, with whom we maintain and strengthen a solid network of contacts.

In addition, we have assisted more than 20,000 public officials in areas related to ICT awareness, training and appropriation.

Our commitment to the conceptualization, design and development of more than 150 specialized ICT courses and workshops, together with the organization of more than 110 seminars and forums related to technology, strategy and business, and more than 30 international congresses focused on Information and Communication Technologies, highlights our influence in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the ICT sector.

Other benefits of working with CINTEL include:

  • Industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Access to up-to-date knowledge and skills
  • Support in digital transformation
  • Adaptation to the specific needs of each organization
  • Flexibility in the delivery modality

With more than 30 years of experience in CINTEL we are able to support academically and logistically; from the conception to the execution and impact follow-up.

This is how we approach the adoption of ICTs

At the Center we focus on empowering individuals and companies to effectively and productively use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and take advantage of their benefits. To achieve this, we offer a variety of ICT appropriation activities and programs, tailored to the needs and digital maturity levels of your target audience, whether they are companies or individuals. These programs include training on topics ranging from the basic use of computers and mobile devices to advanced concepts such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing:

  • We perform an initial diagnosis to identify the specific needs of each organization.
  • Once the needs have been identified, we design and execute a customized ownership plan.
  • The appropriation plan is delivered in the modality that best suits the needs of the organization.

Some of our success stories have been:

We have the experience of having executed customized training and appropriation exercises on topics for organizations from different sectors, among them:

Among our awards are:

  • We are the organizer of the most important business and technology congress in Latin America (ANDICOM).
  • At CINTEL we have been recognized for our work in the development of the ICT industry in Colombia.