In order to make intelligent decisions, at CINTEL we have developed market studies in which we collect, interpret and analyze information on the behavior (trend) of market agents and variables. In which, in a complementary way, knowledge, experience and prospective are integrated to elaborate, with an objective vision, useful recommendations for the design, construction and implementation of programs, plans and business strategies.

For the preparation of market studies, various quantitative and qualitative methodologies are used, both for the collection and analysis of information.

On the other hand, through the collection, interpretation and analysis of information on the behavior (trend) of the agents and variables of a given market, we support strategic decision making that allows the development and implementation of programs, plans and/or business strategies.

Why work hand in hand with the Center?

  • Integral methodologies.
  • Ability to convene at national and regional level, knowledge of the national territory.
  • Relationship with the quadruple helix of all sectors (university, business, government and citizenship).
  • Availability of a network of experts and national and international partners for the implementation of projects in different sectors of the economy (business, technology, innovation and academic).
  • Ease of establishing alliances with the public and private sector.
  • Experience in the identification and segmentation of stakeholders according to the need of the project/activity.
  • Extensive experience in the successful development of projects.
  • Conceptualization and accompaniment according to the needs of the target audience.
  • Public studies: international projects (WIP – World Internet Project – digital consumer profile and BIT – Business and Information Technology), ICT sector studies, Digital Transformation Maturity Index.

This is how we develop our methodology

  1. Identification of the need, study or analysis to be carried out.
  2. Definition of the methodology to be used (qualitative or quantitative)
  3. Once the methodology is defined, definition of the tools to be used (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.).
  4. Design of instruments for data collection.
  5. Identification of the target population.
  6. Application of the tools.
  7. Data collection and analysis.

Meet some of the organizations that have worked with us

We have conducted qualitative and quantitative market research in the framework of projects.