Blockchain, also known as blockchain, is a disruptive technology that is generating significant changes in numerous economic sectors and in our daily lives.

In its most fundamental concept, it is about taking the old ledger to a digital format, specifically to a decentralized database where various types of data and information can be recorded. This database uses mathematical encryption algorithms and is distributed among the nodes that make up the Blockchain, which makes it difficult to alter once registered.

In addition to this, implementing this technology will allow you to model the logic of business in what is called “smart contracts” that allow you to follow the process of a business with interaction of different actors automatically and transparent to all.

This technology is opening new possibilities and generating alternatives in daily procedures and activities, eliminating verification intermediaries and improving transparency and efficiency.

The applications of blockchain technology cover areas such as finance and payments, supply chain and logistics, health and life sciences, energy and sustainability, voting and governance, and intellectual property and copyright.

Why work with CINTEL?

Our approach to support the development of projects using Blockchain technology has the following pillars on which we base our value proposition:

  1. Knowledge: At CINTEL we make available to interested organizations our project development model, a model that involves projects that use blockchain networks to take advantage of the characteristics of this disruptive technology. We have supported more than 1600 organizations in the generation of ICT capabilities.
  2. Personalized results: Our work is established based on the specific needs of the client, achieving results customized to the specific conditions of each entity.
  3. State of the art: The accompaniment of the digital transformation drive, the deep technological knowledge, including the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and the use of updated reference frameworks, allow us to propose solutions with a focus on current use and projection into the future.
  4. Quality: Human talent specialized in union with quality processes certified for more than 15 years and a treatment of projects following PMI recommendations support our work, which has led us to obtain a consistent satisfaction in our projects, above 95%.

The main benefit for the entities is to work with an entity that has the capacity to lead them to generate the required capabilities for the development of their business and has an important group of associated experts that allow them to identify the usability of their needs, reducing the gaps with respect to their objective and managing to propose a roadmap that responds to the needs of change and digital transformation that are required.

This is how we develop our model

We will accompany the organization in some or all phases of the project, depending on the needs raised. This dynamic will allow companies to better understand the technology and whether or not it can support the generation of business value, in addition to evaluating the use of blockchain in the initiative they have and in the development of the application and smart contract that will allow them to develop the logic of the business or the desired application.

This is how our methodology is composed

With extensive experience in supporting digital transformation, at CINTEL we offer you a project development model that involves the design, deployment and operation of applications supported by blockchain technology.

Projects involving the use of blockchain are framed in the following phases, which guide their progress towards the achievement of the proposed objective: analysis and planning; architecture design; development.