At the Center we are convinced that the creation and adoption of a Digital Government policy is transcendental for today’s organizations in order to transform them and provide them with the capabilities that will allow them to respond to the needs demanded by national development.

Based on our extensive experience, at CINTEL we have developed a model to support national and regional entities in their promotion of the use and exploitation of ICT to consolidate a competitive, proactive and innovative society that generates public value on its way to digital transformation.

Why work with CINTEL?

Supported by more than 15 years of experience working on Digital Government issues, the entities will have the support of an organization that has the capacity to take them to the levels of policy implementation and achieve the generation of public value through digital transformation.

Advancing in characteristics of architecture, culture, appropriation, security and privacy of information, and digital citizen services and in parallel, working lines of action among which stand out: Smart services and processes, data-driven decisions and open state, considering energizing initiatives according to the conditions of the entity.

Así desarrollamos nuestro modelo

Our commitment is to support public entities, both national and territorial, in the understanding, planning, implementation and adoption of each of the themes of the Digital Government policy.

To this end, we will generate synergies that allow entities to grow, understand and address their current status and needs, identify gaps and solutions to these, and implement solutions according to each entity, in any of the following aspects of the policy:

  1. Governance
  2. Enablers
  3. Lines of action and dynamic initiatives.

All this, in order to promote the generation of public value through the digital transformation of the State.

Así desarrollamos nuestra metodología

The methodology we use at Cintel for Digital Government projects starts by identifying the baseline in the enablers, lines of action or topics of interest, considering the needs and priorities, for a subsequent evaluation regarding the policy guidelines and objectives set by the administration, continuing with the identification of existing gaps and proposing the projects and activities required to reduce or eliminate them.

On the other hand, we generate continuous interactions and synergy with the entity’s team, seeking that they appropriate the knowledge and can, in a next phase, advance with their own means in the generation of public value and the satisfaction of their needs in the area of Digital Government.

Algunos de nuestros casos de éxito han sido

These are some of our awards in Digital Government:

At Cintel we supported an entity to win the Máxima Velocidad contest for three consecutive years.

This contest is organized by the ICT Ministry to measure the progress in the implementation of Digital Government policies in Colombian government entities.