Intelligent PQRS Management is a solution that combines the potential of robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) to extract key information from requests, complaints, claims and suggestions made by Customers to Organizations and sends it to an advanced language model (LLM) trained to generate a concise summary and obtain specific relevant data from the text. The solution is designed so that the response to the PQRS can be delivered to the User in different formats (.txt, .docx or .xlsx) according to the Client’s needs and preferences.

This solution automates reading and summarizing tasks, which improves efficiency and accuracy in obtaining key data from different documents and text sources. In this way, customers will get a personalized and fast user experience.

The main benefits of PQRS Management with Gen AI are framed within the following characteristics:

  • Improved response times.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which results in the generation of new revenues.
  • Reduction in costs and improvement in the profitability of the Organizations.
  • Improved operational efficiency, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

¿Por qué trabajar con CINTEL? 

With our Intelligent PQRS Management solution, Organizations will be able to:

  • Implement Gen AI for handling PQRS to understand their content and generate personalized responses that are relevant to the Customer.
  • Automatically process requests and efficiently classify their nature.
  • Use generative algorithms for efficient resource allocation and case tracking.
  • Perform sentiment analysis to identify patterns and trends in customer satisfaction.
  • Automate PQRS responses with Gen AI-based chatbots.
  • Predict trends in PQRS for a proactive customer service.
  • Personalize solutions to PQRS to offer a better experience to the User, through the discovery of answers that connect with each Customer.

How our Intelligent PQRS Management solution works

Currently, at the Center we provide organizations with a solution to manage PQRS with disruptive technologies such as RPA, OCR and Gen AI focused on the automation of reading, summarizing and information generation tasks.

The process begins with the RPA component, which takes information from different formats (scanned images, pdf, Word, photographs, etc.) and transforms them into a single JPEG format, where each page of the information received is separated into an independent image; this conversion aims to standardize and simplify the process of text extraction through OCR, a technology by which the text contained in these images is converted into readable and editable text in .txt format. The text extracted from the images is sent to an advanced language model (LLM), through which a deeper analysis is performed, summaries are generated and specific data relevant to the PQRS is obtained.

Finally, the response generated by the advanced language model (LLM) can be delivered to the User in different formats such as .txt or .docx for simple and widely compatible text.

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