At CINTEL, we offer an essential service: the creation of roadmaps or technology roadmaps for companies at a business, sectorial, regional and national level. These technology roadmaps are long-term strategic planning tools that establish the innovation strategy. Our goal is to help companies develop customized and systematic innovation systems.

A basic roadmap consists of three main layers: market, product and technology. These layers are customized according to the needs of the company, the industry and the region under analysis. They are further divided into short term (certainties), medium term (bets) and long term (exploration).

The process of creating a roadmap begins with a detailed analysis of each of these layers. We identify market needs and challenges that require innovative solutions. We then design products and services that meet those needs. In the technology layer, we define the tools and knowledge needed to implement these products and services. Finally, we integrate the results of these analyses with the company’s current and potential capabilities to create a timeframe and complete the roadmap. CINTEL complements this service with specific actions to follow and a portfolio of concrete projects.

The development of a roadmap provides the company with greater proactivity, a solid customer and market orientation, and a long-term vision. It also provides security and reduces risks by offering a strategic approach to innovation investments. Finally, collaboration in the creation of this tool fosters greater integration between the different stakeholders and increases commitment to achieving objectives.

Clusters and Technological Parks

With more than 150 successful innovation projects, in-depth knowledge of the sector and international alliances with competitiveness poles, clusters and technological development centers in countries such as Spain, France, Korea and Brazil, CINTEL supports initiatives that seek to establish technology parks. These parks promote collaboration between the productive sector, academia and government, creating an environment conducive to the creation of technology-based companies in Colombia.

Knowledge Networks

Throughout our experience, at the Center we have perfected and applied the methodology for generating knowledge networks, a crucial element in innovation systems. Through this methodology, different actors in the sector meet collaboratively to define strategic work agendas in different areas. An example of our success in this approach is the Colombia Inteligente initiative, which seeks to promote the digital transformation of the Colombian electricity sector.

Why are we leaders in Innovation Systems at CINTEL?

We help companies develop customized innovation strategies that take them from their current state to the desired one, providing long-term orientation and minimizing risks, while fostering proactivity and collaboration enabling organizations to anticipate trends and stay competitive in a changing environment.

Other benefits of working with CINTEL

  • Customized innovation strategies.
  • Risk reduction in innovation investments.
  • Greater proactivity and focus on the customer and the market.
  • Long-term vision.
  • Greater integration and collaboration among stakeholders.

This is how we perform our services

  • Creation of technology roadmaps.
  • Market, product and technology analysis.
  • Design of innovative products and services.
  • Identification of tools and knowledge required.
  • Concrete actions and projects for implementation.

Methodology, approach or key steps of our process

  • Detailed analysis of market, product and technology layers.
  • Identification of market needs and challenges.
  • Design of innovative solutions.
  • Definition of tools and knowledge required.
  • Integration of results and creation of a roadmap.

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