AgroTrack is an application that, operating as a service, allows the recording of information for the traceability of agricultural products through Blockchain technology, which guarantees the availability of a recording and tracking capacity with features such as immutability, transparency, security and accessibility, among others.

The technification of the agricultural sector is an essential and necessary element for its development, improvement, analysis and expansion into new markets. In this context, Blockchain technology offers a unique opportunity to enhance the technification, analysis and monitoring of the process in the milk production chain.

Thus, entrepreneurs making use of the traceability system will benefit from the ability to accurately determine the conditions, date and location of a product, in this case milk or its derivatives, at any point in the production chain.

The main benefits of AgroTrack are framed within the following characteristics:

1. Traceability: The generation of records and tracking within the production chain of milk and its derivatives using Blockchain technology.

2. Ease of use: At the Center we designed the model with ease of use in mind for people dedicated to the agricultural industry, who do not require specialized knowledge in technology, the only requirement is to know their business.

3. Security: The Blockchain uses strong cryptographic methods to protect data and guarantee the authenticity of records.

4. Transparency: Due to its decentralization, security, integrity and availability of information, traceability systems supported by Blockchain have the ability to offer transparency to those who are given access to the information.

Why to work with CINTEL? 

We will accompany the organization in the configuration of the farms and companies so that they can register their information and develop the necessary capacities to implement traceability within their production process. There will be training modules and support in the use of the application and the generation of different types of reports that will allow them to take advantage of the benefits of a traceability system.

This is how we build our model

Currently, at the Center we provide organizations with a model of TRACEABILITY FOR THE MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS PRODUCTION CHAIN focused on on-farm traceability.

This model makes it possible to record the daily production of each of the farm’s animals and to keep a record of the milk transactions delivered to buyers, including information on the quality of the product and generating the corresponding reports. This allows keeping a daily and detailed record of the quantities of milk delivered, its quality and the animals that contributed to its production, as well as having information on the condition of the animals.

Likewise, the module of TRACEABILITY FOR THE PRODUCTION CHAIN OF MILK AND MILK DERIVATIVES focused on traceability for dairy products is in its final testing phase, which will allow companies producing dairy products, such as those producing cheese or yogurt, to have a traceability record of all the inputs used in the production of their products.

In addition to this, our model will allow us to record measurements of parameters during the production process and to track the products resulting from the manufacturing process. This will make it possible to inform the final consumers or interested parties about the origin and quality of the product they consume.

It’s time to start AgroTrack! Leave us your data in this form and we will provide you with a free demonstration for 30 days in which you will be accompanied by our experts during the same period.