At CINTEL we have developed a methodology to accompany organizations in the development or updating of their IT Strategic Plan. Through this plan, organizations will be able to guide their way in their digital transformation process.

The IT Strategic Plan as a formal document establishes the strategic direction and objectives of an organization in relation to its use of information technology. This plan is a fundamental tool for aligning technology with business objectives and ensuring that IT is an effective enabler of organizational success.

Why choose CINTEL for the development of IT Strategic Plan?

The main benefit for the entities is to work with an entity that has the capacity to generate a plan that allows them to advance in the digital transformation they are looking for and bring them to the levels of implementation of state policies according to their needs.

  1. Experience: Our extensive experience in the development of plans such as IT Strategic Plan and in general in the Digital Government Policy has allowed us to be a reference entity in the development of the subject in Colombia and therefore allows entities to consider CINTEL’s recommendations as pillars in their digital transformation process and in the implementation of State policies. In the Center we have supported more than 1600 organizations in the generation of ICT capabilities.
  2. Personalized results: Our efforts are established based on the specific needs of the client, achieving results customized to the specific conditions of each entity. 
  3. State of the art: Our support to the development of state policies in the entities considers the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and the updated reference frameworks to propose solutions with a focus on current use and projection into the future. 
  4. Quality: The human talent specialized in union with quality processes certified for more than 15 years and a treatment of projects following PMI recommendations support the work done, achieving a consistent satisfaction in the projects executed, above 95%.

This is how we develope our Strategic Plan model.

CINTEL’s support in the construction or updating of the Plan will help the technology area of the organizations, in its alignment with the strategic objectives of the entity, will improve decision making, will allow identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency, will improve risk management, will increase technological capabilities, resource allocation, performance measurement, internal communication and the adoption of good practices, among other aspects.

At the Center we support public entities, both national and territorial, in the understanding, planning, implementation and adoption of each of the topics of the Digital Government policy, including the generation of the IT Strategic Plan according to the established guidelines.

To this end, we generate synergies that will allow entities to grow, addressing their current status and needs, in order to build a roadmap that will allow the entity to generate public value through the digital transformation of the State.

Así desarrollamos nuestra metodología

At the Center, our methodology for generating or updating the IT Strategic Plan is based on identifying the baseline and its evaluation with respect to the guidelines and objectives established by the administration, as well as its needs and priorities. Identifying the existing gaps and proposing the projects and activities required to reduce or eliminate them. Discussing the proposed projects and activities to generate a roadmap that will guide the entity in its digital transformation process.

Our specialized accompaniment will generate continuous interactions and synergy with the entity’s team, seeking that they appropriate the knowledge and can, in a next phase, advance with their own means in the generation of public value and the satisfaction of their needs.

These organizations have developed IT Strategic Plan with us