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Center for Research and Development in Information and Communications Technologies

The Research and Development Center in Information and Communication Technologies – CINTEL carries out projects aimed at supporting the digital transformation of public and private enterprises.

Established in 1991, it is considered the entity with the most experience in innovation and technological development projects in the ICT sector in Colombia. It leads various initiatives focused on energizing the industry and the social appropriation of technology. It organizes the International ICT Congress – ANDICOM.

CINTEL has renewed its recognition as an Innovation and Productivity Center – CIP for 3 years through Resolution 0983 of September 20, 2022, from Minciencias, as part of the National System of Science, Technology, and Innovation (SNCTeI) of the country.

CINTEL recognized as an Innovation and Productivity Center by MinCiencias


We boost the productivity and competitiveness of society through the use of ICT, developing projects that promote sustainable digital evolution.


In 2027, CINTEL will be a recognized player in Latin America for the development of initiatives and projects that drive the application of digital tools in both public and private sectors.

Corporate values

They define our character, create a sense of identity, foster cohesion, and develop a differentiated management philosophy: Quality, Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation.

In compliance with and development of internationally recognized standards regarding the way societies and organizations in general are managed and controlled, the Code aims to compile in a document the principles and general policies of Good Governance at CINTEL. The objective is to respect the rights of our members, the proper administration of their affairs, statutes, and the public knowledge of our management.

The Code of Ethics is an invitation to join the group of Colombians committed to a better country and to make our mission, vision, and values a reality for the benefit of society.

At CINTEL, we practice innovation with social responsibility; that’s why our goal is to contribute to sustainable development, including the well-being of society. Among the principles defined in the organization, we have: responsibility in all actions and decisions, transparency in our actions, ethical behavior, respect, clear communications, a service-oriented attitude, and flexibility to change.

Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we develop initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving our policies on human rights, best labor practices, operational practices, customer relations, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

CINTEL is committed to ethical and transparent behavior in a socially responsible manner, following a philosophy of zero tolerance for acts of corruption and bribery, which contradict organizational principles.

Quality policy

At CINTEL, quality is a fundamental value

Our customer-oriented process approach enables us to understand their needs, meet their requirements, exceed their expectations, keep processes under control, and continually seek improvement to achieve our objectives and satisfy our customers, members, and the community.

CINTEL is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the scope of our Quality Management System is to provide research and innovation services, technical assistance, consultancy, training, information, comprehensive project management, and the development of activities for the effective use of information and communication technologies.

Our Quality Policy is:

“To provide differentiated products and services that meet the requirements and needs of our clients through a trained team that applies CINTEL’s values and continuous improvement.”


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