Change Management consists of identifying, formulating, implementing and monitoring strategies articulated to the organizational culture or human factor in projects or organizational transformations. This is done in order to support the work teams to successfully adopt the change and generate the results expected by the organization.

In the Center we start from the understanding of the client, their needs, virtues and points of improvement, so that the accompaniment is adjusted to their reality and to the sector and/or market in which they work.

We work hand in hand with the client’s leaders and collaborators, so that through a co-creation approach we can generate real applicable actions that impact the organization’s performance.

Why identify in CINTEL a perfect ally?

At the Center for Research and Development in Information and Communication Technologies (CINTEL), we accompany companies in recognizing change management as a necessary element to individually and collectively mobilize the organization towards its objectives and achieve its strategy, and in formulating and implementing actions that facilitate the transition from a current state to a desired one, preferably using ICT in the daily work of the organization, to increase its productivity and competitiveness.

Our value offer is translated into the development of strategies within the framework of an open innovation and co-creation model, CINTEL offers constant support and advice in all the phases of the different organizational processes and the different areas that require change.

Some of the advantages of implementing a correct Change Management in the companies are very wide. The methodology proposed by CINTEL, gathers models and conceptual structures that are referents in this field, which help organizations to:

  • Successful digital transformation processes
  • Generate collective learning opportunities and strengthen teamwork.
  • Generate and implement innovative ideas in the organization
  • Develop team leadership skills
  • Increase the commitment and interest of work teams, improve their productivity and help the organization’s profitability.

This is how we develop our model

In order to successfully develop the different strategies, plans and actions on Change Management, at CINTEL we divide our methodology into several phases:

  • Phase 1. Diagnosis: Perform the general diagnosis and identify the state of the organization in terms of the process and area where change is required. 
  • Phase 2. Formulation: Advise on the definition and preparation of the “Vision of Change”; raise awareness and sensitize on the importance and benefits of a correct adaptation to change; define a communication strategy. 
  • Phase 3. Implementation: Accompany the implementation of the change management plan, identification of early wins, management of resistance to change and subsequent measurement of the plan. 
  • Phase 4. Sustainability: Generate road map, strengthen management plan, measure progress.  

Some of our clients

We have helped different entities to manage change according to their needs, either in the entity as a whole or in specific programs and/or projects according to their mission, such as:

Acknowledgements of which we have received

Thanks to our experience and capabilities, we have been recognized as a benchmark in the ICT sector in Colombia and in its actions we understand Change Management as a key transversal element that enhances organizational development.