At the Center for Research and Development in Information and Communication Technologies (CINTEL), we fulfill our mission to support the economic development of Colombia through actions that integrate the different sectorial actors, executing activities that dynamize the adoption of ICTs in the country, within a spirit of agreement and cooperation in competition (coopetition).

What are our sectorial initiatives?

Sectoral Committees

Given our multi-sectorial composition, at CINTEL we act as an independent body, which is necessary in competitive environments.

In this sense, at the Center we coordinate the development of the Sector Analysis Roundtables, with the participation of the different ICT agents in our country. In these tables, we promote communication among the agents and the development of constructive proposals on various current issues.

Digital Transformation Award

Since 2017, PwC and CINTEL have been awarding the best business initiatives and projects that have achieved evident and tangible results in the development of digital capabilities, focused on operational improvements, approach to a more demanding customer and changes in business models.